Photo by Traffikandart's

Trapamuffin Xperience - 2016

Composition - Recording - Mixing - Mastering

Antillais Entier - 2019

Mixing - Mastering

Caporal Nigga Trapamuffin Xperience

Fanm Lan Ka Wine - 2019

Mixing - Mastering

Caporal Negus is an established french reggae-dancehall artist, praised for his provocative "fast style" and conscious lyrics,  but most of all, he's a true friend and collaborator since several years.

After a couple live shows with Different Du Reste Band, we decided to hit the studio and join our forces to create something special.


We came up with a unique concept "Trapamuffin Xperience", an explosive mix of dancehall and trap, that we dropped in 2016.