Photo by Paul Short

13th Floor - 2019


Haviah Mighty 13th Floor

Diggstown Ep.5 Season 1 

(CBC TV Show) - 2019

"For Free" Composition

Composition - Mixing - Mastering

Flower City - 2017

Haviah Mighty Flower City

Haviah is a very talented artist from Brampton, and a friend. We have a special alchemy that makes each collaboration easy and allows us to combine the best of our creative minds. 

We first met in Toronto back in 2016, and we decided to work on a EP, "Flower City", that dropped the next year.

Since then, we work regularly together as on her last album "13th Floor", released May 10th 2019,

on which I produced 4 tracks.

"13th Floor" won the Polaris Music Prize 2019.